January 23, 2019

With Fanfare, Ashanti People From Ghana Install Their New York Chief

By KIRK SEMPLE The elders had poured libations, the holy men had delivered invocations, and all had sworn allegiance to the Ashanti kingdom. A battery of percussionists, glistening with sweat, started pounding out waves of rhythm that brought hundreds of guests, draped in elaborate kente cloth, to their feet. A scrum of men formed at one end of … [Read more...]

Nana Okokyeredom Acheampong Tieku Swears In

The outgoing Asantefuohene of New York, Nana Anane Amponsah expressed his profound gratitude to the entire Ghanaian community for their support during his 8 year of administration as Asantefoohene . In his final address at the swearing in ceremony of his successor, he said " In the course of my tenure if I incurred the displeasure of anyone I would … [Read more...]

New York Asanteman Association to celebrate Akwasidie

The Asantefuohene of New York, Daasebre Kofi Anane Amponsah has paid a special tribute to the occupant of the Golden Stool His Majesty Otumfuo Osei -Tutu II, for his immense support, advice, fatherly role and great love towards the development of the association. Daasebre also saluted the founders of the association and past leaders ( … [Read more...]

Ashanti Unity Dance Christmas Rendezvous

"Asante Kotoko, Oh say yeey, yee, yeeeey,", obviously many Ghanaians know this popular song. Sounds like Kotoko fans singing at Kotoko and Hearts'game right? definitely not, it is the event which made so much noise in the media, historically the first ever Ashanti Unity Dance which occured in Harlem, NY on Christmas Day. If you were not there, you … [Read more...]