New Asantefuohene and Asantefoohemaa of Washington Metro Area Sworn in

New Asantefuohene and Asantefoohemaa of Washington Metro Area Sworn in

Saturday January 28th would be a day to remember in the history of the Asanteman Association of the Washington Metro Area as a new Asantefoohene and Asantefoohenmaa were sworn into office.
Nana Kwame Darko, a retired Verizon  employee and community leader was sworn in as the New Asantefoohene to take the place of Otafrebuor Nana Kofi  Agyenim Boateng Pedie I  who has held the office for several years in dignity. Nana Foriwaah Nyarko Abronomaa known in private life as Vida Asante was also sworn in to replace Nana Ama Akyaa as Asantefoohemaa of the Washington Metro Area.  The Association also swore into office Nana Adjoa Pokua as the Gyaasehemaa .
The newly installed Chief and Queenmother swore the oath of allegiance in the presence of the members of the Asanteman Association of the Washington DC Metro Area after they were approved through a rigorous process by the council of elders of the including Abusuapanin Frank Fofie, Nana Kwasi Owusu, Nana Kwasi Mensah, Nana Baffour Awuah, Otafrebuor Nana Kofi Agyenim Boateng Pedie I, Bogyawehene and Amoafoman Akwamuhene .  Mr  Golash Adade the current President of the Association and  Mrs. Harriet Amoah a  representative of the Obaa Panin witnessed the swearing in.

Remarkable display of Ashanti traditional rites preceded the colorful event which was held at Springfield Virginia amidst pomp and pageantry.
With a raised symbolic sword in hand the Chief and Queen mother swore the great oath of allegiance to Asanteman and pledged to be faithful and loyal to the service of Asanteman  no matter the circumstances unless they are in anyway incapacitated by illness. There was thunderous jubilation after they successfully recited the oath and the atmosphere turned  into a time of jubilation with beating of drums and celebration.
After he settled down the sub chiefs who would form the cabinet of the new Chief took turns to swear the oath of loyalty to the new king and queen. Asanteman members followed in the order.
Nana Kwame Darko and Nana Foriwaah Nyarko Abronomaa expressed their profound appreciation to Asanteman for their immense support and cooperation in making the event a success. They were both hopeful that with the dawn of new leadership and change of baton  their perceived projects would be rejuvenated. Nana Kwame Darko appealed to all Asanteman members to imbibe in them the spirit of unity to enable them build a stronger organization in line with their goals.

As a democratic, non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization, the goals and objectives of the Asanteman Association are to:

* Unite Asante’s in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

* Promote the social, moral, educational and the general welfare of its members.

* Provide a source of cultural enrichment, and promote interest, inform and educate the general community about Asante culture.

* To instill and inculcate in the youth the love and pride of Asante cultural heritage.

* Provide social networking and support for the members.

* Organize periodic workshops to educate members on pertinent issues, such as Asante culture and traditions, legal, immigration, health, employment, insurance, and investments.

* Project good image of Asantes in the Washington metro area.

* Support Asanteman development efforts by motivating and educating members to financially support educational, health and other social programs in Asanteman.

* Develop linkages to and networking with other African ethnic groups and participating in inter-cultural exchange programs.

* Assist the needy financially and in kind.

* Contribute to the development of the Washington Metropolitan area community by performing voluntary services.

An Executive Council headed by a President is the policy making body and  is responsible for the general management of the Association.

Council of Elders, headed by an Asantefuohene (Chief) as the Chairman, has the role of advising on the progress and smooth running of the Association and projecting Asante culture and traditions.


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